The title of this post may sound pretty far fetched, but if you remember back in the day – it was far fetched for Google to surpass AltaVista as the leader in search.

Barron’s explains:

“The idea, floated by a CNBC commentator last week, goes like this: Microsoft would turn Bing over to Facebook. Microsoft could receive Facebook shares, currently worth two times Bing revenues, roughly $4 billion, which [Nomura Securities analyst Rick] Sherlund posits as a 4% stake. Microsoft currently owns a 1.6% stake in Facebook, a company that is expected to be valued at as much as $100 billion after its initial public offering later this year. Of course, Facebook might want to wait until after the IPO to see what its shares are actually worth.

“The transaction would still allow Microsoft to achieve the two primary objectives behind its current ownership of Bing: making money off its Internet traffic and preventing Google from monopolizing search advertising.”

As much as Microsoft hates Google, this possibility isn’t that far fetched if you think about it… For years Microsoft has been searching for the “Google Killer” and this may be just the opportunity Microsoft has been searching for.

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