What if links aren’t as important as you think?

This post by Duane Forrester on Bing’s Webmaster Center blog is a good reality check for anyone that has lost focus on the big SEO picture. Those that follow this mindset presented by Forrester, will also rank higher in Google. Don’t buy into links being the holy grail as touted by Google over the last several years. Quality will ultimately trump quantity.

If you want to learn more about SEO, we recommend listening to what Duane Forrester has to say. Check out his post What if links aren’t as important as you think?

Nice to see someone in the search engine biz who really knows what they’re talking about. Unlike the current assclowns at Google.

  1. Totally agree, provided they aren’t just “links for links sake”. Again, quality is trumps quantity.

  2. when someone is just starting out backlinks are one of the easiest ways for them to rank quickly. There are other ways too. but youll be chasing your tail for a bit. Without traffic you wont rank. and without a rank you wont get traffic

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