Why the World is Losing Trust in Google

If you’ve been keeping up with news on Google lately, it’s pretty clear that they are increasingly returning less relevant and more ‘Google Biased’ search results.

Many believe that Google has decisively focused on returning results for their own properties and those of major brands that contribute the most to Google’s AdWords coffers. Then claiming these are ‘the most relevant results’…

We’ve been trying to keep an open mind concerning the numerous stories we read on a daily basis of Google becoming an evil empire – at the expense of the rest of us. However, after doing a search on Google for ‘Google’ and finding the following search results, we almost puked.

Google search result for Google

Do you see what we see? (click on the image above to enlarge)

  1. For a search on Google for ‘Google’, Google returns 14,820,000 possible results
  2. Of the results returned, EVERYTHING on the first page is from Google, except for one token result from Wikipedia, which at the time of this post barely ranked as the last result (to see current results click here)

So what… Right? It’s arguable that the most relevant results for Google are from Google. After all, they are Google and Wikipedia is nowhere as important as Google. Right? However, the excessively promoted Google+ garbage on the right side of the page takes away from any credibility Google has in this case.

Google Plus results in Google search

Reality Check: Currently, MySpace has more active users than Google+. With this said, until Google+ is at least as popular as MySpace; it isn’t relevant. What do you think? Do you trust Google?


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